NEW ACQUISITIONS 2021 [Not In Discogs Database]

• Johnny Mince And His All-Stars - The Master Comes Home [LP] (1984) [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 1/4/21, $1.00]

• Magnolia Jazz Band - Live Recordings - Central City Jazz & Ragtime Jamboree [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 1/4/21, $1.00]

• The Highland Project - S/T (1991) [CD] [Sammie's Nifty Thrift Shop, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $1.00]

• Clan na Gael - Keepers of the Wind [CD] [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $1.00]

• The Herman Dinges Polka & Variety Band - Singin' and a Swingin' One More Time [CD] (2002) [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $1.00]

• High Sierra Jazz Band - High Sierra Gold [CD] (2009) [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $1.00]

• Bar D Wranglers - The Timber Trail (1989) [CASSETTE] [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $.50]

• Armando Manzanero - Somos Novios [CASSETTE] [WRONG CASE] [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $.25]

• The Best of Buddy Meredith Vol. 1 [CASSETTE] [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $.25]

• Various - The Joy of Love (1981) [CASSETTE] [Hospice Gift & Thrift of Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, 1/12/21, $.25]

• Ron and Carol Soderquist - God Is So Wonderful [LP] [Goodwill, Auburn, CA, 1/12/21, $2.00]

• The Byelorussian SSR Folk Chorus - Where The River Runs [LP] [Goodwill, Auburn, CA, 1/12/21, $2.00]

• Angelika - Shiva Shakti Om (2000) [CD] [Goodwill, Orangevale, CA, 2/6/21, $2.99]

• Sibelius / Maurice Abravanel / Utah Symphony Orchestra - Symphony No. 1 in E Minor (1987) [CASSETTE] [2/6/21, $.10]

• Khaled le Roi - El Bab [CASSETTE] [2/6/21, $.10]

• Igor Krikunov and his gipsy band - Pariya [CASSETTE] [2/6/21, $.10]

• VA - German Opera - Scenes and Arias [CASSETTE] [2/6/21, $.10]

• Steven Halpern - Daydreams I: Get-Aways (1986) [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 2/17/21, $.25]

• Sophie Tucker - Jazz Age Hot Mama [CD] (1992) [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.00]

• Memo Bernabei Dance Orchestra - Memo to Dancers [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.69]

• The Weatherford Quartet - Listen For The Sound Of [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.69]

• The Reflections - This Is Our Faith [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.69]

• VA - La Ronde des tout Petits - Vol. 2 (1993) [CD] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.69]

• Denis Sembach - Accordeon Top 3 [CD] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.69]

• Duo Crommelynck, Anton Dvorak - Works for Piano 4 Hands Vol. II (1991) [CD] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 3/8/21, $1.69]

• Zola Levitt - Beyond Words (1989) [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 4/7/21, $.25]

• The Magic Organ - Selection 3 [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 4/7/21, $.25]

• Willie "The Lion" Smith - The Immortal "Lion" (1989) [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 4/7/21, $.25]

• Chappell & Dave Holt - Wings of the Morning (1997) [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 4/7/21, $.25]

• Zola Levitt - Living Waters (1990) [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 4/7/21, $.25]

• No Artist - Hammond Goes Pop [CASSETTE] [Interfaith Food Bank Thrift Store, Sutter Creek, CA, 4/7/21, $.25]

• Erich Kastner - Jahrgang 1899 [CD] [The Cave, Folsom, CA, 4/14/21, $1.99]

• Cesare Schiavi, Sebastian Amato, Welther Costa, Paolo Pezzella - Dall'Italia Con Musica e Fantasia [CASSETTE] [Goodwill, Sebastopol, CA, 4/22/21, $.50]

• Hadj Mohammed Bajedoub - Shams'ashia [CD] [Goodwill, Sebastopol, CA, 4/22/21, $1.50]

• VA - Jaya Shambho! [2xCDs] (1996) [Goodwill, Sebastopol, CA, 4/22/21, $1.50]

• Latvian TV And Radio Variety Orchestra ‎– Invitation To The Dance 1 = Aicinājums Uz Deju [Goodwill, Sebastopol, CA, 4/22/21, $1.50]

• The Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band - Featuring Conrad Janis [LP] [Goodwill, Placerville, CA, 4/24/21, $1.00]

• VA - Lieder und Klange aus Deutschland - German Songs and Tunes [LP] [New Beginnings, Placerville, CA, 4/24/21, $1.50]

• Peter Kreuder - Piano Parade [LP] [New Beginnings, Placerville, CA, 4/24/21, $1.50]

• Larry Wickersham - Plays The Hammond X-66 [LP] [Goodwill, Sacramento, CA, 4/27/21, $2.49]

• Joy Complete - S/T [LP] [Goodwill, Sacramento, CA, 4/27/21, $2.49]

• Klapa Šufit - S/T [CD] [St. Vincent De Paul, Sacramento, CA, 4/27/21, $.99]

• Sweet Emma the Bell Gal at Dixieland Hall [CD] [F.I.S.H. Thrift Store, Minden, NV, 5/4/21, $1.00]

• Riverside Drive Elementary - Spring Program 1969 [LP] [High Desert Trading Post, Gardnerville, NV, 5/4/21, FREE]

• VA - Music for My One and Only Love [LP] [High Desert Trading Post, Gardnerville, NV, 5/4/21, FREE]

• First Methodist Church, Alhambra, California - A Concert Of Sacred Music [LP] [High Desert Trading Post, Gardnerville, NV, 5/4/21, FREE]

• Kapelle Clavadetscher-Stucki - Stimmig bim Adler-Grittli [CD] [Flip Flop Thrift Store, Gardnerville, NV, 5/4/21, $1.00]

• Winiaypa - Sueños [CASSETTE] [Thrift Store, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 5/4/21, $1.00]

• Hot Jazz Band - S/T [CD] [Tahoe Thrift, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 5/4/21, $1.99]

• I Toneskrinet - Frå Granvin, Ulvik og Eidfjord [CASSETTE] [Tahoe Thrift, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 5/4/21, $.99]

• El Cristalino - The Moods of El Cristalino [LP] [F.I.S.H., Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $1.00]

• Russ Gilman and Friends - Out of Nowhere [CD] [Scoobyz Thrift Store, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $1.99]

• VA - Blij Dat Ik Rij [CASSETTE] [Scoobyz Thrift Store, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $.25]

• Kenny Smiles - Live on the S.S. Sea Breeze (1989) [CASSETTE] [Scoobyz Thrift Store, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $.25]

• Irene Trapp & Art Apgar - Because of Jesus (1983) [CASSETTE] [Scoobyz Thrift Store, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $.25]

• Reto & Toni's Heinzelmännchen - Die Heinzelmännchen sind da! (1980) [CASSETTE] [Salvation Army, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $.25]

• VA - Die Volkstümliche Starparade [CASSETTE] [Salvation Army, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $.25]

• VA - An der schönen Blauen Donau - Die schönsten Walzer [LP] [Ormsby Arc Thrift Store, Carson City, NV, 5/5/21, $1.00]

• The Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band - South Of The Mason-Dixon Line - Volume 1 [45] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $1.00]

• Ukelele Tree - S/T [CASSETTE] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $.50]

• Revelators Quartet - With Instrumental Ensemble [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $1.29]

• La Internacional Marimba Orquesta De Los Hnos. Vidal - Lira De Comitan [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $1.29]

• Strings Unlimited - Sad Roses [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $1.29]

• The Pathlighters - Peace, Be Still [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $1.29]

• Curt Chambers - Sacred Harmonies [LP] [Snowline Hospice, Placerville, CA, 5/8/21, $1.29]

• Manel Seneviratne - La Sanda Sisilé [CD] [Salvation Army, Rancho Cordova, CA, 5/14/21, $2.00]

• The Grimm Family Choir - Medieval and Renaissance Choral Music [LP] [Goodwill, Placerville, CA, 5/17/21, $3.00]

• Bill Wise - Hey Bill... Play Your Favorite [CASSETTE] [Foothills Church Rummage Sale, Cameron Park, CA, 5/22/21, $.10]

• One Night Stand With Henry King, Janzen Beach Ballroom 1946 [LP] [Foothills Church Rummage Sale

Cameron Park, CA, 5/22/21, $.10]

• Chuck Foster and his Orchestra - Sweet Beginnings [LP] [Foothills Church Rummage Sale

Cameron Park, CA, 5/22/21, $.10]

• The Culpeppers - On Eagles' Wings [CASSETTE] [Diamond Springs Flea Market, Diamond Springs, CA, 5/24/21, $.50]

• The Duncan Sisters - My God Is Real [CASSETTE] [Diamond Springs Flea Market, Diamond Springs, CA, 5/24/21, $.50]

• Eric and Carlos - Go Ye Id [LP] [Foothills Church Rummage Sale, Cameron Park, CA, 5/22/21, $.10]

• Mark Allen Jones - Serve The Bones To Henry Jones (1992) [CASSETTE] [Antique Trove, Roseville, CA, 5/27/21, $1.00]

• Mark Allen Jones - Maple Leaf Frog (1987) [CASSETTE] [Antique Trove, Roseville, CA, 5/27/21, $1.00]

• Original Salty Dogs - Ragtime Festival [2xCDs] [Antique Trove, Roseville, CA, 5/27/21, $3.00]

• Eric Dimson - El Choclo [LP] [Midway Antiques, North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 5/27/21, $6.00]


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